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This Side of the Moat

Have you ever wondered where we’re going? Is Bowen going to grow, are property values going to rise or fall, is BC Ferries going to drive us into the ground? There are a few factors that exert enormous control over our demographics but there are also some macroeconomic trends that may skew things a bit. […]

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Election Platform

Politicians ask the electorate what they want. A wish list emerges. The politicians pick from the list and build a campaign around it, in hopes of getting elected. That’s how it works in most places but Bowen is a bit different. The wish list is so long and diverse that those running for council have […]

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Municipal elections will be upon us again this fall.  When our current Council took office three years ago, they were quite vocal about the lack of progress made by the outgoing Council on outstanding pressing matters. The new crew had a Strategic Plan for their mandate. Now the time has come to revisit that plan […]

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Not Only on Bowen

by Maureen Nicholson for Bowen Islanders for Ferry Fairness “Only on Bowen.” That phrase is used sometimes as a compliment and sometimes with resignation. But the recent BC Ferry Corporation “engagement process” and later events have driven home that Bowen is not unique. We live in one of many communities that depend on BC Ferries, […]

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Predictable Responses to Ferry Cuts

When asked if cuts to ferry service are justified it appears the vast majority of British Columbians don’t know and don’t care. But they’re pleased to see it none-the-less. The classic response is “Don’t expect me to subsidize you if you choose to live on an island.” The more we complain about service cuts and […]

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Playing Politics With Ferries

Our Provincial Government has cranked up the rhetoric on ferry subsidies. The Transport Minister is announcing $18.9 million worth of cuts over two years as if it meant something. BC Ferries is a $1.8 billion corporation. The provincial budget is $44 billion. Yet our TV screens were filled with an announcement of cuts of less […]

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People Plan and God Laughs

Remember when the advocates of the Cape Roger Curtis Neighbourhood Plan warned us that we were going to become a community of the elite, where working people would commute to the island because they wouldn’t be able to afford to live here. The proposed solution was to build a second village that would be home […]

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Do They Care?

(Of late I’ve been accused of using overly colourful language so I’ve started this column with a more nuanced and subtle statement.) Like a giant python BC Ferries is slowly crushing the economic life out of Bowen Island. In 2003 the new BC Ferry Corporation was born. Under the terms of their first contract with […]

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Circle Game

Council has taken the bull by the horns and is actually going to reconfigure Government Road this year to improve ferry marshalling. Yep, they’re going to fritter away another $50,000 or so of tax money on consultant’s fees and at the end of the day nothing will change. Getting cynical about ferry marshalling is almost […]

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Councillors’ Agenda

A couple of weeks ago another “Building Community on Bowen” flyer landed in our mailbox. It is the personal opinion of three of our Municipal councillors published by Bowen Island Properties. When you consider that our local council only has six members plus a mayor you realize that this document is the closest thing we […]

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